Back on the West Coast: Seattle! 

We landed around 10:30 AM and were pleasantly welcomed by the Seattle cityscape we’d missed so much. We took a free Uber from Seatac to our friend Pete’s house where we’d left my car, enjoying views of Safeco Field, Century Link, and downtown Seattle all the way. Given that it would have been a $40+ ride, we were happy to use the promotion! 🤑

After quickly checking up on the car and repacking the back seats, we set off for Harbor City, one of our favorite dim sum spots in Seattle. We met up with a big group of Seattle friends and then proceeded to demolish a non trivial amount of dim sum. 🙄 We had woken up around 2AM Seattle time and we were ready for food! Before and after photos are included below. 🙂

With our bellies full of dim sum and tea, we doubled back to our friend Brenda’s house to pick up our new homes for the foreseeable future: our backpacks! We’d left them at Brenda’s for safekeeping and were glad to add them to the pile of stuff in the car. After some creative repacking (photo below), we swung by our old apartment in Capitol Hill to pick up some mail, buy some road snacks, and swap out Doug’s old contacts for fresh new sunglasses. Apparently unopened boxes of contacts are like cash, so the people at Hour Eyes Optical on Broadway were more than happy to help us switch them out for sweet new Shwood sunglasses! 😎

It was great to reconnect with old friends and relive a small piece of our Seattle lives, however short. Although we moved out in September and willl be on the road for quite some time, Seattle holds a special place in our hearts. We had a delightful 7 months there and fell in love with the northwest. Seattle was the first city we lived in together as adults and we had a fantastic time. We found a great spot in Capitol Hill and enjoyed decorating our own space with random accoutrements found through Buy Nothing, Craigslist, random street furniture, and Home Depot.

We’ll miss the spectacular views of the Sound, Mount Rainier, and the ever-present Space Needle. We’ll miss walking from the International District back up to Capitol Hill through Pioneer Square after dim sum brunches, impromptu trips to Vancouver, squeezing our way through Pike’s Place on a Saturday as we show friends around, and we’ll miss the freedom to take a ferry to Bainbridge and get away from all now and again. Most of all, we’ll miss our friends. They say Seattle has a “freeze” and that it can be hard to connect with people, but it wasn’t very true in our experience. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there and hope to return in the future!

Although it was tough to say goodbye a second time, Sonoma, CA was calling our names and we were eager to hit the road and enjoy I-5 South one last time. We hit the road and had the unspeakable pleasure of driving through  a classic northwest rainstorm for several hours. 😂 We outran it halfway through Oregon and found a hotel to crash in around midnight in Medford. After a grueling 23 hours of travel, we thankfully enjoyed some rest. 😴


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