One Night in Vegas !

It turns out Vegas is a perfect mid-point from Yosemite to Bryce Canyon so we decided to spend a night here. We left Yosemite around 10:00 am after a delicious morning hike on the upper fall trail. We  took 395 south and drove through the beautiful landscape of Death Valley national  park , and then we   took I-15 N for more than a couple hundred miles. We saw lots of trailer tractors on the road, which clogged traffic, but on the plus side, Doug was able to catch a bunch of new dessert Pokemon at a rest stop.

We also started a new book – Tai Pan: the epic novel of the founding of Hong Kong by James Clavell. 32 hours of fun here we come ! We are only a couple hours in and the book is both puzzling and super interesting.

We finally arrived in Vegas around 7:00 pm – We had previously booked a room through Hotel Tonight at the Mandalay Bay which is surprisingly easy to get to. We parked the car, put our backpacks over our shoulders and made our way to the check-in counter. One could say we stuck out a bit. Two backpackers mildly stinky from Yosemite walking across the casino and the hotel’s beautiful marble lobby. After getting our room key and scoring some nice Hyatt points, we headed upstairs to the 30th floor for a well deserved shower. God, did it feel nice to finally be totally warm ! It was the best shower I’ve had in a very long time !

After the shower we were starving and had a tough call to make – a nice dinner and no show or a show and a fast dinner (no time to do both) – you probably guessed right, we chose good food! We went to Kumi, a Japanese restaurant inside Mandalay  Bay. We ordered a few sushi rolls and gyoza and two Kumi Bom-mi (vodka with creme de casis). It felt GLORIOUS !

We then proceeded to walk around for 4 hours through the strip. We went to MGM, New York New York, little Paris, and Cesar’s palace, among others. We saw some dancing fountains while drinking a bloody Mary and then tested our luck with the slots. I guess it’s true what they say: lucky in love, unlucky at cards. but hey,  it was fun !

Thanks Vegas for a fun 18 hours !

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