Ecuador: A Lesson on Friendship.

We laughed, and laughed, and then laughed some more. I am still a bit dumbstruck at how easy it is to press pause and play with good friends. Time passes by and sometimes you don’t see each other for years, but when you press play again, it’s as if no time has gone by.

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Selva Armonia: Jungle Cooking, Happy Living.

Eventually, after a few missteps, we made it to Uvita. The bus station is not quite a bus station, it was more like a large parking lot outside a restaurant.There, we waited for a taxi to the jungle for quite some time, and made it to Selva Armonia just in time for sunset. s we were walking to the tent that would be our home for the upcoming weeks, it finally dawned on me that I was in the jungle. On top of that, I would be sleeping in a tent in the jungle. I am a city rat and this sudden realization made my heart skip a beat. As the last rays of light of the day faded away, we had just enough time to drop our things and get our flashlights out. As night fell, the jungle began to wake up. The toads came out, the spiders awoke, snakes surfaced, and I…. I… I freaked the fuck out! What had I done?!

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Sarah Comes to Visit : Mexico Edition

It is impossible to be bored in Mexico City, there’s always something to be done. If you like to dance, you can be sure there are dance classes within walking distance of where you are staying. You like food? There’s a myriad of affordable and delicious places within a 3-block radius. Don’t feel like walking? Just wait on the street long enough and some tacos de canasta will come by. It’s always a pleasure to show my city to friends!

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