Hello there, we are Doug and Andrea! Welcome to our travel blog, created to document our journey in 2017 and 2018.  We sold our belongings, quit our jobs, left our home, and fulfilled a life-long dream to travel the world with nothing but the packs on our backs. We’re in our late 20’s and are lucky enough to share this amazing journey with our best friend (each other).

In 2017, we did a reverse “Che Guevara” and working our way from north to south through Latin America, visiting 12 countries along the way.

We rang in 2018 in Vietnam and traveled all around Asia through the summer.

In this blog you will find some on-the-road reflections, travel tips, country guides, and of course, recipes. In sum, a well documented nomadic life by yours truly.  We hope you enjoy!

Please share any advice, travel tips, words of wisdom and recipe suggestions through the contact us page! You can also follow us on Instagram: dgledhill and andrea__cq. We’ve also created an Instagram account specifically for this adventure: anemoscopio.travel.

If you’re wondering what an anemoscopio is or why we chose it for the name of our blog, see here.



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