Colombia: Quick and Dirty Country Guide

We fell in love in Colombia during our short visit and are confident you will too. From the massive Arvi Park in Medellin, to the impressive presidential palace in Bogota, to this hidden church by the Ecuador border, we were never bored and were constantly meeting friendly people.

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Colombia: Goodbye rice and beans, hello Andes!

The unexpected upside of buying cheap plane tickets with our miles was that we got to fly over almost every major city in Colombia. From the sky, we were able to appreciate just how diverse Colombia is. We saw the beginning of the Andes, the ocean, coffee plantations, the high-altitude capital city of Bogota, the red brick city of Medellin, and much more. By the time we landed in Cartagena, I couldn’t wait to get off the plane, to be in South America, to taste the food, meet the people, see the colors, get carsick on the windy roads, admire the landscapes, and feel the climate change as we move from one city to another.

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Cartagena: A Home Away from Home

Traveling is all about new things. New places, new faces, new foods, new languages, new weather, new bus systems. Traveling with family is about spending time together, taking in all these new things, and grounding them in the familiar. It’s about taking the time away from your regular lives to connect, share experiences, and enjoy. After several months of wandering around Latin America, I really appreciated the chance to be “at home” for a few days.  

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