The Importance of Taking Your Time

We’ve learned that we can’t go 100% all the time. It’s important to take time now and again for a “personal admin day” when we have lots to do or a “spontaneous weekend” when we’re just plain tired.

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Chiapas: A Whirlwind Tour of Paradise

The floor of the church was covered with candles in various stages of melting, eggs, soda, and copal, a native form of incense. Entire families were crouched on the ground praying aloud in Tzotzil, a local language belonging to the Mayan language group. The women rubbed eggs, soda, and other items over the bodies of small children to rid them of evil spirits.

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Sarah Comes to Visit : Mexico Edition

It is impossible to be bored in Mexico City, there’s always something to be done. If you like to dance, you can be sure there are dance classes within walking distance of where you are staying. You like food? There’s a myriad of affordable and delicious places within a 3-block radius. Don’t feel like walking? Just wait on the street long enough and some tacos de canasta will come by. It’s always a pleasure to show my city to friends!

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